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Insignia™ – Custom orthodontics

Insignia™ – Custom orthodontics

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Insignia braces orthodontist Lemay Sherbrooke

State-of-the-art orthodontic brackets

  • After years of research and development, a new generation of orthodontic brackets is now available.
  • Insignia™ brackets are orthodontic brackets tailored to each tooth of each patient.
  • Just like fingerprints, your smile is unique. Insignia ™ is a computer-assisted system that combines digital treatment planning with brackets specially designed and adapted to your specific dental anatomy.
  • Unlike braces manufactured to treat a wide range of patients, custom made and personalized brackets and wires are designed for each patient according to unique standards for each.
  • The combination of the latest technology in 3D imaging and manufacturing precision (to the fraction of millimeter) makes it possible to obtain orthodontic appliances with unmatched precision to date. Technology to the service of orthodontics.
Fingerprint Orthodontist Lemay Sherbrooke

We are proud to be among the first practices of specialists in orthodontics in Quebec and in Canada to be certified to offer you this technology.

How does Insignia™ work?

  • The process is simple. After an initial examination, we take an impression of your teeth to be sent to the Insignia laboratory.
  • These prints are digitized (scanned) and an advanced imaging software then creates a 3D representation of your dentition to allow the manufacturing of custom brackets and wires with your unique prescription.
  • The tri-dimensional virtual model thus produced allows us to use the computer to simulate and plan every tooth movement of your treatment.
  • Therefore, we can determine, before even starting the treatment, what will be the occlusion and final position of your teeth and show it to you.
  • Once this simulation is completed, Insignia manufactures the brackets and wires using a CAD and robotic technology.
Insignia computer orthodontist Sherbrooke Lemay

A winning combination

  • Insignia™ brackets are actually self-ligating Damon™ brackets that, with Insignia’s manufacturing method, gives them a unique prescription more suited for each patient.
  • Having more precision in the manufacture and installation of the brackets requires fewer adjustments visits and minimizes discomfort for the patients, thus providing quick, precise, predictable and comfortable treatment.
  • Every aspect of the treatment being carefully calculated to optimize the effectiveness of tooth movement, this translates into fewer adjustment visits and exceptional comfort for the patient. It is a win-win situation!
Insignia custom braces Orthodontist Sherbrooke Lemay

Insignia computer model orthodontist Lemay x3

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