Our clinical personnel consists of dental hygienists and assistants supplementing one another to help the orthodontists deliver the best possible care to our clientele.

The specialized equipment in our fully equipped in-house laboratory as well as the qualifications of our lab technicians allow us to fabricate, according to our precise specifications, almost any type of orthodontic appliance which may be required during your orthodontic treatment (except Invisalign®). If indicated, it is possible for us to repair faster and at a lower cost, broken or damaged appliances rather than sending them to an outside laboratory.


  • All our patient charts, including photographs and radiographs, are in digital format.
  • Although this option is not available yet, it will eventually possible for our patients to have access to their orthodontic records through our website.
  • Patients will be able to consult their radiographs and photographs to follow treatment progress, verify the date and time of their next appointments, have access to their financial record (payments, balance, etc.), print receipts etc., all that from the comfort of their home, at any time of the day or night.
  • Your dentist will also have online access to your radiographs and photographs if it may help him or her serve you better.
  • It will also be possible for patients to receive email reminders for their next appointments according to preferences that they will have chosen themselves in the online management software. More to come concerning this option.
Digital diagnostic records can be shared with other health professionals and patients will eventually have access to it online.

Digital diagnostic records can easily be shared with other health professionals and our patients will eventually have access to them online.

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