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Early and late dental eruption

Early and late dental eruption

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Examples of dentition with chronological eruption anomalies


Late eruption

Dental late eruption of 4 years in a young adult.

(A) Panoramic radiograph showing all the teeth in the mouth, including the 4 wisdom teeth (there is one lower left premolar missing) and the upper canines that are impacted and do not have enough space. On the pictures and the radiograph, the yellow asterisks indicate the permanent (definitive) canines and the blue ones indicate the temporary or primary canines. (B) The temporary canines are in the mouth and the upper left canine is trying to come out, but will not have enough space to come down and lodge itself in the arch.

Late eruption of many years in a 16-year-old teenager.

(A) Panoramic X-ray taken at 10.7 years of age. A late eruption is already visible. (B) Dentition and occlusion at 13.1 years of age, the late eruption continues. (C) At 16 years of age, the dental formation is normal despite the significant late eruption. It will still take several months for the teeth to shed naturally. See the above text for more details.

Localized late eruption

Dental late eruption obstruction 538350 AP8

When a tooth does not come out but its counterpart on the opposite side has been in the mouth for a while (more than 6 months), it is required to investigate the situation and a radiological examination is indicated to evaluate the cause of the late eruption.

Dental late eruption radiograph orthodontics 538200 BK8

Dental lateness and normal eruption radiograph

Late eruption or bad supervision?

Dental late eruption or neglected supervision?


Extreme late eruption in a 28-year-old woman with several remaining temporary and impacted teeth.


Early eruption

 Fast dental development orthodontics 536674 CG9.1

Early fast dental development 538108 EB9.2 537725 NG9.9

Early fast dental eruption orthodontics 537755 TH9


Localized early eruption

Early dental eruption in only one area of the mouth.  

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