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Prevention in orthodontics

Prevention in orthodontics

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The American (AAO) and Canadian ( CAO) Associations of Orthodontists recommend that children have their first orthodontic evaluation or screening no later than age 7. At that age:

When it has been determined that some problems are developing, certain preventive measures may be undertaken to prevent these conditions from worsening.The key to preventin is regular supervision by the orthodontist.

Here are examples of simple preventive measures that the orthodontist may recommend:

Mainteneur d'espace supérieur (amovible) empêchant le déplacement des dents
Upper removable space maintainer preventing tooth migration and space loss.


Supervision inadéquate pendant le développement de la dentition; la perte d'espace empêche les deuxième prémolaires (flèches) de sortir (problème d'éruption).
Inadequate of dental development supervision at age 9: loss of space prevents upper second premolars (arrows) to erupt adequately and causes eruption problemsthat will require an orthodontic intervention.
Radiographie panoramique montrant un patron d'éruption normal pour un jeune de 9 ans. Un suivi adéquat assurera l'éruption optimale des dents au cours des années subséquentes.
Panoramic radiograph showing a normal eruption pattern for a 9 year old. Proper supervision will insure optimal tooth eruption with less problems.

L'utilisation d'un mainteneur d'espace a permis l'éruption adéquate des dents
The use of an upper space maintainer allowed adequate eruption of the permanent teeth.

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