Orthodontics for Children and Teenagers

Orthodontics for Children and Teenagers

Children should have their first orthodontic evaluation at around 7 years old.

This stage is also called interceptive orthodontics.

Growth and development

Dental eruption

Orthodontic retention and stability of corrections

Prevention in orthodontics

Interception orthodontique (phase 1)

Anodontia and congenitally missing teeth

Palatal expansion (rapid maxillary expansion)

Serial extractions in orthodontics

Oral hygiene in orthodontics

Orthodontics for Teenagers

Adolescence is considered an ideal time to perform most comprehensive orthodontic treatments. The majority of orthodontic patients are in this age group (between 11 and 18 years old). 

While individual growth and development varies from one person to the next, the age group when permanent dentition is almost complete is between 11 and 13 years old. Since permanent dentition is not quite complete at this stage and will continue to progress, adolescence is an ideal time to correct unbalanced jaws, depending on the case. 

Treatments started at the beginning of adolescence are often simpler and faster, and may require fewer extractions of permanent teeth and less complex procedures such as jaw surgery. However, healthy individuals can have orthodontic corrections performed at any age.

An evaluation by Lemay orthodontists will help determine the appropriate time for your child to undergo orthodontic treatment.

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